Email: jifeng.shen@yale.edu

I am a graduate student in the math department of Yale University, expecting to graduate in May 2017. You can find my CV here.

My advisor is Sam Payne.

Research Interests: My current research focuses on interactions between topology, combinatorics and algebraic geometry.
In particular, I have been interested in the topology of non-Archimedean and tropical varieties, and in the combinatorics of degenerations of abelian varieties.

Teaching experiences: In Fall 2015, I supervised an undergrad directed reading course. In Spring 2016, I taught Math 112 again.

In Spring 2015, I taught Math 112, which is a first semester course in calculus. In Summer 2013, I was a graduate student mentor of SUMRY, a summer REU program at Yale. My students were Alec Arana, Michael Garn, Seung Hyun Lee, and Brian Lei.

Upcoming travels: